We are living the dream. We don’t consider what we do ‘a job’, it’s more of our passion. So when you hire us your mission becomes our mission.

We are a full-service production company so that means we work with you from start to finish. Typically you have an idea, then you tell us, then we write and storyboard, you approve of the concept and then we cast, find location and gear up. We shoot it and bring it back to our studio and put all the pieces together. A final video is completed for TV, social media or for an event and you get to share this with the world. We think that’s pretty cool.

Film and video reach the most eyes and ears attainable. Good For You’s mission is for everyone they meet and work with to feel empowered, and to confidently and proudly share their own perspective. They firmly believe by helping others toward individual growth and awareness, we collectively will change the world for the better, and for the sake of future generations.