Good For You Productions Story

Even when working in a small town, Good For You Productions has keen insight into the big picture. While always searching for ways to help businesses of any size at…Continue readingGood For You Productions Story

Meet Natalie the Producer

Natalie is really really really awesome. She has only worked in the film industry (10 years) and yes she ‘will make a list for that’. As a kid Natalie dreamed…Continue readingMeet Natalie the Producer

Meet Jeffrey the Director

Jeffrey Cobelli is a passionate film and video production producer with knowledge and experience in producing, writing, directing, filming and editing. He’s been making commercials and documentaries for the last…Continue readingMeet Jeffrey the Director

Meet Chris the Editor

He wanted to make animated TV shows since his childhood. Now he does it for us. The desire now is to channel his love for comedy and storytelling into video…Continue readingMeet Chris the Editor

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Commercials, docu-style commercials and turning events into stories.

Good For You Productions presents

In My Shoes

a web-series documentary

“I was hired to film their stories of change and progress. In the process it changed my life and who I am.”
Jeffrey Cobelli

“In My Shoes” is a 12 part docu-web series of inspirational stories from filmmaker Jeffrey Cobelli’s POV during his mission trip travels in Haiti and Kenya from 2015-2017. These stories are about hope, tragedy, pain and triumph.

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