Even when working in a small town, Good For You Productions has keen insight into the big picture. While always searching for ways to help businesses of any size at the local level, Good For You also connects especially well with the marketing teams of larger business and not-for-profit organizations. The ability to adapt and change with the times and trends is a key factor in the exceptional durability and viability for the past 12 years of Good For You Productions. 

When Jeffrey Cobelli graduated from Emerson College in 2006 with a degree in Film and TV and went out into the real world to find his dream job; it did not exist.

“After some years of frustrating freelancing I decided to create my own dream job.”

In 2009 Jeffrey started Good For You Productions in Peekskill, New York and began work on its first documentary on Bulimia and the 19 year-old girl who died from complications of that disease, entitled Someday Melissa.

“After the project was featured in The New York Times and NBC’s The Today Show I sat back as a 27 year-old thinking, ‘I made it’. However, we were only just getting started.”

The video and film industry has changed over the last 12 years. For the first five years of business, Good For You Productions made documentaries; for the subsequent five years, it shifted gears to commercials; and for the past two years, it has merged those styles to make docu-style videos, all while maintaining sharp focus on each individual story. Those styles are now combined into Docu-Style Commercials.

“What’s always mattered the most is the story.”

For 12 years Good For You Productions has told hundreds of stories accumulating millions of views and likes.  It’s firmly fixed into their company culture to care about people and their story. 

“We believe people have been watching our videos because we not only have a vision, we have vision with purpose.  And we make positive films.”

According to Good For You’s website, “Stories last for generations; we write, film, produce and edit them everyday.”