Meet Chris the Editor

Woah! Hey! Thank you for clicking on my bio. I didn’t think anyone would make it this far…but here we are. Nice to meet you!

First thing you should know about me, I love stories. As a kid with too much free time, I enjoyed diving into storyworlds and rooting for the protagonists. Immersing myself in fiction provided a much needed escape from growing up in a stable and well supported two-parent household. After receiving a 93 on an English test in third grade, I thought, “J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series could use some rewrites.” After condensing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to fifty-some pages, I proudly thought to myself, “There! Now that’s something I can finish on one bus ride.”

Even as a little kid, I loved reading and creating stories. My time at SUNY Oneonta solidified that burning desire. College gave me an avenue to explore newfound interests in comedy and theater, both forms of storytelling in their own medium. I acted in plays and even joined an improvisational comedy club where I began performing for live events. As a club, we wrote, filmed, and edited funny videos that represented what felt like a super low-budget Saturday Night Live. I loved every minute of it.

Creating those videos led me towards film production. I felt like I found the golden ticket of my passion. Then, I found Good For You Productions in 2019 and have been filming and editing videos with them ever since. I have worked on music videos, animations, corporate promotions – well, I am positive that you saw all this before you clicked on my profile! If you haven’t, check out the work we do.

Fun fact: I have four brothers which, mathematically speaking, is a three percent chance for my parents to have five boys. You could say that the odds are on my side. I know that I was born to create videos and stories because during my free time, I am writing and producing short animations under the name Slothtopher. You can check them out below: