Meet Natalie the Producer

Natalie is really really really awesome.

She has only worked in the film industry (10 years)

and yes she ‘will make a list for that’.

As a kid Natalie dreamed to be an illustrator for books and later wanted to stage manage for Broadway and even Pixar. She ended up freelancing for a few years and working on the Woodstock Film Festival. Now she is a full-time filmmaker and video producer.

Natalie thinks of everything and that’s what makes her a great Producer for Good For You Productions. She’s the one who storyboards, writes, plans, casts and makes sure the plan is executed efficiently.

Natalie is also a Girl Scout since kindergarten, graduate of Brooklyn College, host of podcast called “Late to the Party” with best friend Sofie.

Latest episodes below:

Fun fact: Natalie is born on International Day of Peace and my Chinese name, Ping, also happens to mean peace.