Meet Jeffrey the Director

Jeffrey Cobelli is a passionate film and video production producer with knowledge and experience in producing, writing, directing, filming and editing.

He’s been making commercials and documentaries for the last 12 years so how does he find the time to volunteer on non-profit boards, manage baseball teams, motivational speaking for kids, perform stand-up comedy and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Jeffrey believes that if you try and ‘find time’ you’ll never have it, “but you can always make time”.

In addition to running the company Jeffrey spends his extra time teaching with The Picture House to give back and encourage young adults to use film as an expressive art-form. He is also Chair of AIM (Art, Industry, Media) an economic initiative in the Hudson Valley, Board of Director for The CPCA (The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse) and Board of Director of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce. He also hosts a podcast called “Simply Complicated” which is an open form conversation diving deep into heavy topics.

As a business owner, Jeffrey’s capitalist mindset is balanced with his moral compass: the primary goal is to help the client and become an advocate for their mission while giving them a high-quality production.

public speaking

Jeffrey Cobelli giving a 45 minute presentation on Mind, Body Soul mixed with an entrepreneurial message to 1,000 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

“It has been my understanding that no matter what you are trying to create, there is always a story waiting and needing to be shared. It’s the stories that matter, it’s the stories that inspire and it’s the stories that sell.”

Combining storytelling with a unique style Good For You has produced powerful, socially impactful films, videos and documentaries such as Someday Melissa. Someday Melissa has been featured in The New York Times as well as on NBC’s The Today Show with Matt Lauer.

“Someday I will make a movie that will change lives…”

Melissa Avrin, Someday Melissa

Melissa Avrin died on May 6th, 2009 from complications of bulimia.

Jeffrey holds a BA with a Concentration in Film and TV from Emerson College, and is the founder and president of Good For You Productions created in 2009.